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Hasbro produced a new Sesame Street Playset in 2011, as the start of their new line of Sesame Street toys. The folding playset includes many of the major icons from the show, including Hooper's Store, 123 Sesame Street, Big Bird's nest, and Oscar's trash can. The playset is packaged with figures of Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch in his can; additional figures and vehicles are sold separately.

Jerry Perez, general manager of Hasbro's Playskool division, said that the objective of the playset was to provide a place to showcase the entire cast of Sesame Street characters: "Moms told us that kids love all the characters on the show but they can't seem to find all of them in stores." [1]

Another playset in the line was produced in 2012, based on Abby's Flying Fairy School. This set includes Abby Cadabby and Blogg figures in a magical preschool setting, with a magic cabinet that can make the figures "disappear."

In 2012, a series of characters in race cars and accompanying play sets in the same style and scale followed under the name Come 'n Race, as well as matching bath toys named Bath Bobbers.


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